First and the only Sales-Tech Platform powered with AI. Next Gen Apps for Sales Team (SFA), Modern Trade, Merchandising and Distributors (DMS), and Retailers and Rural Distributors powered by Sales BOT.

Sales BOT

First AI Sales BOT - AI Sales Expert ‘Sellina,’. Born from the fusion of Sales and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Sales BOT does all the logical and repeatable tasks in Sales and After Sales Support better than any human !!

Marketing BOT

Customised BOT as per your Brand Persona - [brand] BOT for Consumer/Customer engagement and Support .


Working with top brands

Louise Phlillipe
Van Heusen
Hero Cycles
JK Helene Curtis
Ruchi Soya
Peter England
Allen Solly
American Standard
Ambuja Cement
US Polo


Retailer App
Sep 2
Sep 2

Retailer/Dealer App – Relaxo Partners with Applicate to connect with Dealers!!

Retailers & Dealers are the last-mile connect in driving the growth of a company. But, the last-mile has been the most disconnected since decades. It still takes weeks to reach and communicate to the retailer about pricing, trade promotions, new products etc with multiple layers of physical interaction in between. Time has come, technology will permanently […]

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Next Gen SFA
Sep 3
Sep 3

Next Gen Sales Automation- Applicate Wins Whirlpool Next Gen SFA Project!!

As the technology paradigm is changing from Mobile First to ‘AI First’, most of the companies that lead industry best practices and technology are upgrading their Sales-Tech platforms with the ‘Future Ready’ products. Whirlpool, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and marketers of Home Appliances has awarded its sales automation project to transform the productivity of […]

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About Us

We are inspired by the possibilities of applying technology to our passion for Sales, giving the combination a unique name ‘Applicate’. We did not invent SFA, we entered an already crowded market. But we definitely differentiated it enough with many innovative solutions and features, redefining the space as Sales-Tech. Having mastered the art (of applying technology to our passion for Sales), now we are inventing some of the most amazing solutions, powered with Artificial intelligence, that will define the ‘Future of Sales’!!
  • 2014

    The idea took a shape in July 2014

    We started ‘Applicate’ with a small Team and a Big Dream !

  • 2014

    Our Passion for ‘Sales’ shaped products that got us name and customers, some of the top brands.

    The team started to grow, we moved from a ‘Garage’ to an Office in Bangalore !

  • 2015

    We created the first ‘Sales-Tech Platform’, with ready to deploy apps for all the revenue driving functions

    One platform for Sales Team Productivity (SFA), Modern Trade Execution, Merchandising, Distributors (DMS) and Retailers.

  • 2015

    Our customer list started to grow and the team got bigger. Started Gurgaon Office !

    Our unique platform and differentiated products got us new customers and new projects from each of our existing customers .

  • 2016

    We created ‘Channel KART’ to address one of the biggest gaps in Sales !

    Connecting companies with their Retailers/Dealers for real-time transaction and engagement.

  • 2017

    Its 3 years now ! Driven by boundless passion and ever increasing expertise, celebrating ‘customer success’ on the way, the team is ready for defining the ‘FUTURE OF SALES’ !!

  • 2017

    Applicate transforms itself as ApplicateAI, applying AI to Sales-Tech, defining the Future of Sales !!

    A big step towards our Big Dream of becoming the Best Sales-Tech Company. Created first Digital Sales Expert – ‘Sellina’ for sales and [brand] BOT for marketing.

  • 2020

    Driven by our Big Dream, to be the Best Sales-Tech Company in the world, working @ Future of Sales = AI !!