AI Sales Assistant ‘Sellina’ @ Alexa/Google Assistant

AI Sales Assistant ‘Sellina’ @ Alexa/Google Assistant

“Hello Google, how can I achieve my sales target for the week?”

“How can I increase my customer conversion rate?”

“Why is my team member Kumar underperforming?”


Yes, the AI Sales Assistant ‘Sellina’ answers all these and 100s of other questions, to helps 1000s of people and channel partners simultaneously. Not only this, ‘Sellina’ proactively interacts with each member of the sales team, and shares insights and action points to increase daily sales.

AI Sales Assistant ‘Sellina’ gets integrated with Alexa/Google Assistant


Now the users can also interact with ‘Sellina’ through their favourite digital assistants, Alexa, Google Home, and Google Assistant.

“We have integrated our AI platform with Google Assistant, Google Home, Alexa and even FB Messenger. The idea was to make our AI platform flexible enough to get seamlessly connected with any of the horizontal conversational/NLP platforms. The outcome of the queries are generated thru our proprietary algorithms which can be visualised on mobile, laptop or desktop in the same way as one interacts with ‘Sellina’ directly.” A. Madhusudan, CTO – Applicate


AI Sales Assistant with Alexa


To know how AI Sales Assistant ‘Sellina’ works and what all can it do to drive day to sales, you may watch this Explainer Video.




“Applicate is already working with most of the Top CPG companies (7 out of Top 10) and market leaders across other industries, including BFSI and Consumer Goods to redefine the Future of Sales @ AI !!”


AI Sales Assistant can drive 8-10% higher Sales !!


The AI innovation of Applicate ‘Sellina’ is an AI powered virtual Sales Assistant, like ‘Siri’ for Sales.

Sellina’ gets seamlessly  integrated with ERP, SFA and DMS and drives day to day sales by acting on maximising opportunities and by reducing sales inefficiencies.

Powered with Artificial Intelligence, ‘Sellina’ can simultaneously AssistSupervise and Train 1000s of Salespeople and Channel Partners across the organization. It can even take customer orders in the absence of Sales Reps.


How Sellina drives sales


AI Sales Expert Sellina


To know more about how AI Sales BOT works, you may read this article –

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How AI Sales Assistant ‘Sellina’ drives day to day sales !!


How AI Sales Assistant works


ApplicateAI’ is an integrated AI BOT platform for Enterprise with defined and curated work-flows for Sales, Consumer Engagement and Employee support and engagement.

The AI innovation of Applicate has beenAWARDEDas the ‘Best Enterprise AI Assistant’ by CIO CHOICE based on the voting of leading CIOs.

Pl. find below a quick introduction of our AI platform.

  1. Sales BOTAI Sales Assistant ‘Sellina’ for Sales Team and Channel Partners. Watch explainer videoto know more.
  2. HR BOT – Employee AI Assistant ‘Moon’ assists employees w.r.t updates, data, information, policies, compliance, product knowledge, skill gap identification, training inputs, and engagement etc
  3. [brand] BOT – Customized BOT with the ‘persona of a brand’ is the biggest innovation for maximizing the impact of any of consumer engagement and support.
Audited by KMPG and organized by CORE Media, more than 70 CIOs, CEOs and Business Heads of the top global and Indian companies VOTED Applicate’s AI innovation as the best solution in the ‘Enterprise AI Assistant’ category.


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Applicate Wins CIO Choice Award.