I can sit on top of your SFA/CRM/ERP & drive 8-13% increase in daily sales

 by Assisting, Coaching, and Supervising 1000s of your


1. HR BOT SKILL for Pre-Boarding & On-Boarding

Remember your First 90 Days in any organization? You have lots of questions on your mind, and the people you interact with, have lots of work on their hand.

Your HR Chatbot to help new employees with all they need.

  • 90 Day Learning Plan
  • Personalised Interaction
  • Role Based inputs


2. HR BOT SKILL for Training & Skill Development

Skill Mapping and Training each employee with relevant content to enhance their Knowledge & Skill is something that I do in ways never done before.

Yes, using A.I for Capability Development with an intelligent Chatbot interface.

  • Skill Score and Gap Identification
  • Business/ Function In-puts and Training
  • Regular Interactions and Quiz

 3. HR BOT SKILL for 24×7 HR/Admin Support

How do you feel when you have an important query from HR, and you don’t get a response. Or you get a response like, “we will get back to you as soon as possible”.

Here is your HR Chatbot for all you need. Ask for anything, and get it. Simple!

  • Queries, FAQ & Updates
  • Leaves, Salary & Policy support
  • Data, Insights, Charts & Reports

4. HR BOT SKILL for Engagement & Employee Happiness Index

Happiness and Stress at work is critical to our productivity. A.I gives a whole new way to understand and impact it significantly.

As a smart HR Chatbot, I know all this through my everyday interaction with employees.

  • Culture Score and Engagement Score
  • Stress Score & Happiness Index
  • Actionable Reports and Insights

Welcome to the Future of Sales @A.I

Imagine an A.I Assistant that can analyse millions of data points in your sales data, and tell every sales person in your sales team exactly how to drive higher  sales ‒ every single day


That’s precisely what I do


Don’t take it from me

Here’s what Top Enterprise Leaders feel about me

I am a Brainchild of Applicate

The team that works with, is loved by the top Global and Indian Brands

What makes me the Best A.I solution for Sales

Fusion of Sales Expertise & Artificial Intelligence

Advanced AI system

Our AI architecture consists of deep neural networks that give our products human like intelligence.

Sales Insights

Trained in Organisational Psychology, our systems understand people, processes & behaviour.

Seamless Integration

ERP/HRMS/CMS/SFA/LMS Our team's expertise ensure seamless integration with any data base.

ML Based Personalisation

Advanced ML systems enable our products to predict what the user wants ever before asking

Database Security

We comply with the highest level of security standards, certified by international security audits.

Domain Expertise

Our products have been designed by domain experts in Sales, & technology to deliver maximum value.






“In our journey of building the best A.I platform for Sales, we would like to share with you, all that we know. Absolutely FREE”.

  • FREE White Paper on Business impact of A.I in Sales.
  • FREE AI Impact Audit and AI Road Map for your Organization.
  • FREE AI Literacy Camp for the Management Team.

How A.I will have real impact on Business

Economic Times Strategy Summit: Fire Side Chat with Ranjeet Kumar, CEO & Co-founder Applicate.

AGENDA : Simplifying AI & its use for Business impact.
MODERATOR : Abhijeet Ranade, Partner, KPMG


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