Enterprise AI Assistant – ‘Moon’

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Enterprise AI Assistant – ‘Moon’

If you are already not exploring BOTs to revolutionize your employee connect and engagement, you may consider the prediction of world’s leading IT research company Gartner. 

By 2020, the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse” – Gartner

Our first of its kind AI and Machine Learning powered AI Enterprise Assistant ‘Moon’ is helping companies engage and support their employees with AI Chatbots.

With 24×7 real-time interaction, one on one personalized engagement and super human like intelligence, a customized AI BOT can create an amazing experience for your employees at an unbelievable ROI.

“Moon’ is an AI-powered chatbot for HR that consumes data, information, and content from your existing ERP, CRM or HRMS and converts it into actions, insights, and conversations. It assists employees w.r.t updates, data, information, policies, compliance, product knowledge, skill gap identification, training inputs, and engagement.”