HR Chatbot – Enterprise AI Assistant ‘Moon’

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HR Chatbot : Enterprise AI Assistant ‘Moon’

If you are already not considering AI Powered HR Chatbot to revolutionize your employee productivity and engagement, you may consider the prediction of world’s leading IT research company Gartner. 

“By 2019 integrated virtual employee assistants will increase the productivity by 10%”.” – Gartner


Imagine, if each person has a dedicated Personal Assistant and Coach 

Meet the first HR BOT, your Enterprise AI Assistant ‘MooN’ !!

‘MooN’ can simultaneously Assist, Coach and Engage with 1000s of people across Functions and Roles.

Induction of a new team member, feeding him/her with basic business and functional knowledge, understanding performance and skill gaps, coaching, training, engagement, and all the day to day queries and administrative support, Moon does it all !!


  1. Employee Induction

  2. Coaching and Development

  3. Data and Content Support

  4. HR Queries and Administrative Support

  5. Routine Engagement