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About This Project

Applicate – Store CONNECT [Powered with AI]

For real-time tracking of merchandising and execution in large format stores and other retail stores.

Key Features

1. Store/Customer Mapping – Permanent Geo-Coded Mapping of all the store, kiosks, stalls, or outlets with latitude-Longitude and unique ids in the most efficient and cost effective way. Map view of the complete customer mapping with territory definition marked on map.
2. Store Execution Tracking and Audits – Tracking of daily execution at the store level in MT, Railways, CSD or any other channel against the defined ‘Picture of Success’ with real-time photographs, compliance reports and analytic.
3. Picture of Success Compliance – An automated compliance report is generated based on the data and photo in-put from the field team against the defined norms of Availability, Execution standard,Cooler Purity, Merchandising elements and POSM etc.
o Category Isle Execution
o Plano-gram Compliance
o Shelf Stock, Share and Out of Stock
o Real-Time Tertiary Trends
o Data and Information Reporting from the field team
o Execution details along with geo-tagged photographs

Other Features

1. Team Productivity and Effectiveness – Tracking the daily productivity of the sales team against the defined journey plan with exact location details as per actual latitude and longitude on the map. You can see the on-line visibility of the sales team on map, attendance, PJP compliance report etc.
2. Data reporting from the field team.Data and Information Reporting from the field team.
3. Daily MIS flash to the team on sales, execution, productivity, discount, incentives, etc.
4. News, Information, Updates on Promotions, Product Launch, Best Practices etc. with messages, photographs and videos.
5. Rewards & Recognition – This is a great tool for appreciation and recognition of Individuals and Teams in a very interesting and structured way.
6. Feedback & Suggestion – Easy to access and use, a platform to give them the power to share feedback and suggestion.
7. Opinion Poll – Create Opinion Polls in a quick and easy way for engaging the team and for understanding their views
8. Help Desk – Complain log in from the field team related to unresolved issues like claim, supply, service, ER, personal issues etc.

We are the first company focussed on ‘AI for Sales’. ‘We are mastering AI for Sales’. This is the first ‘SFA Platform with AI’.