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Applicate – Channel KART [Rural]

Visibility of Sales and Execution of Rural markets has been the biggest challenge for consumer goods companies in India.

Availability of IT Infrastructure, Trained Manpower and ROI on automation are some of the challenges in connecting smaller rural distributors.

Our simple and easy to use mobile based platform Channel KART addresses all these limitations effectively and connects consumer goods companies with Rural Distributors for Real-time transnational and Engagement. It does all that you may need for creating visibility to your rural markets !!

a. Outlet Mapping and unique data creation with lat-long.
b. Secondary Order Management
c. Primary Order Management
d. Weekly Physical Stock Reporting
e. Updates and Notifications
f. Data and Reports Access
g. Claim Management

We are the first company focussed on ‘AI for Sales’. ‘We are mastering AI for Sales’. This is the first ‘SFA Platform with AI’.