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About This Project

Applicate – Sales Team App [Powered with AI – Sales BOT]

You get all sorts of Apps which can automate your sales order and track your sales team with some basic (now obsolete) technology.

But, if you need an ‘intelligent’ solution that can help you increase your sales by enhancing your team’s capability and everyday productivity, you can click on ‘Get in Touch’ icon and allow us to take you thru our  ‘Next Generation SFA’ powered by AI Sales BOT.

‘Applicate – Sales Team App’ is the first ‘SFA Platform powered with Artificial Intelligence’. A customized Sales BOT for your sales organization can perform all the logical and repeatable tasks to transform your sales.

Welcome to the Future of Sales @ AI !!

We are the first Sales-Tech company focussed on ‘AI for Sales’. ‘We are mastering AI for Sales’ and creatings BOTs that can transform Sales.