Business Impact

How AI Sales Assistant ‘Sellina’
is transforming CPG sales?

Leading FMCG brands are leveraging Sellina to augment intelligence of sales teams and drive the following KPIs:

Sales Growth

Sellina drives sales growth by by recommending customer wise opportunities to drive higher sales in every call.

Effective Coverage

Sellina drives increase in effective coverage by increasing span of control of sales reps to outlets by 50%

Range Selling

Sellina drives increase in range selling by identifying premium and focus SKU distribution opportunities

Effective Man-day

Sellina increases effective man-day by eliminating routine and repetitive tasks involved in daily sales planning and execution

Business Impact

Statistically Significant
improvement on targeted business KPIs

Sellina has demonstrated business impact and revolutionized retailer connect & engagement


Range Selling


Effective Man-day


Productive Calls Per Day


Sales Growth

Sellina for traditional trade

Unlock 6-12% increase
in daily sales opportunities

Sellina creates dynamic customer wise targets based on identification of maximum profit potential of every customer.

It further helps sales teams achieve those targets with daily AI-based action recommendations.

Drive Stunning Sales Execution
with AI-powered supervision

Perfect Store Execution, Share of Shelf, Promo Compliance - Sellina has been trained to drive significant improvement in industry & company specific execution KPIs to create unmatchable execution advantage.

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Uncover granular insights
for superior sales strategy

Sellina keeps on analyzing user behavior patterns like : Abandoned cart, not ordered since past 10 days, order value lower than average, and triggers personalized nudges to maximize order rate, repeat order, and order value.

Watch how Sellina replicates the behavior of best sales guys

Seamless Integration
with existing systems

Sellina can integrate with your existing SFA/DMS//ERP and other data sources to ensure smooth flow of order details into your backend systems. This also ensure auto updates to prices, schemes, promotions reflecting any changes made in your core data sources.


Thought Leaders
who believe in Sellina

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Leading CPG brands are deploying Sellina to revolutionize their sales.

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